19″ 1U RJ45 Cat.6A Cat.6 STP FTP Shielded Blank Unloaded  Patch Panel

This easy-to-install High-Density Patch Panel is perfect for larger network solutions. Get up to 48 different ethernet connections with this 48-Port patch panel. Easily snap in the keystone jacks of your choice. Great for combining with slim-designed connectivity for extra room and performance. Mount on to the wall of your home or install in a network enclosure. This horizontal patch panel is versatile for many different applications. 


  • High-density solution for up to 48 connectors
  • Shielded for protection from EMI
  • Set up in your home or business network
  • Compatible with Cat6, Cat6A, and Cat8 keystone jacks
  • Stackable patch panel with 1U


Type Patch Panel
Ports 48
Color Steel
Port Type Fits Cat6, Cat6A, Cat8
Length 19 Inches
Model Blank
Contact Compatibility -10°C to 60°C
Storage temperature range -40°C to 68°C
Humidity 10%~90%RH


Q:  Will Cat6 jacks fit alongside each other?

A:  Cat6 keystone jacks whether 90° or 180° will fit along side each other in the 48 ports

Q:  Can you use this shielded patch panel with unshielded keystone jacks?

A:  Absolutely! This shielded 48 port patch panel is perfect to use with shielded or unshielded keystone jacks. If your cable is shielded you want to use shielded jacks and if your cable is unshielded you want to use unshielded connectors.

Q:  Can this fit Cat8 keystone jacks?

A:  Yes, this patch panel is compatible with our Cat8 jacks