3M Volition VOLPPCBF24K 1U 24 Ports Keystone Patch Panel

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3M™ Volition™ VOLPPCBF24K Patch Panels – Keystone

Part of 3M™ Volition™ Network Solutions, the 3M Volition
Classic and Economic Patch Panels are modular and provide
a precise yet stylish presentation of the keystone jacks.
Classic versions
• Includes cable tray. Automatically provides Earth connection
to jack upon insertion into patch panel
• Compatible with all versions of 3M™ RJ45 K6 or K5e
jacks, the Classic patch panel provides a solution for
all electromagnetic compatibility protection levels. Full
protection against conducted and radiated interference
is provided by the individual shield of the STP 360° braid
on the STP jack version. This feature additionally prevents
interference between jacks on the same patch panel
• 16 and 24 ports 1U, 32 and 48 ports 2U, brushed or
black aluminum
Economic UTP versions
• Lowest cost option to use with racks with integral
cable management
• 16 and 24 ports 1U, black aluminium
All patch panel versions are delivered unloaded. The following
accessories are available:
• Port blanking plugs
• Coloured identification caps

• Category 6 hardware patch panel when loaded with RJ45 K6 jacks
• Compatible with jacks having keystone mounting, optimized for the K6 and K5e range
• Dust-protected ports when loaded with K6 or K5e jacks
• Compact modular patch panel
• Cable management tray (Classic versions)
• Flexible labeling facilities – port by port for black aluminum
versions, according to EIA/TIA 606
• Port blanking and colored identification caps options
• 16, 24, 32, and 48 port options
• Delivered with screws, cage nuts, earthing bolt, cable ties
• Individual port shielding in the shielded version



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